Company Structure

The company’s performance is based on a strong organizational structure, a highly skilled staff, and a dedicated management team serving the company and its clients.

As the satisfaction of our customers is one of the priorities of the company and is achieved by continuous improvement of the various training methods, whether technical or practical taking into account all the international standards of occupational safety and health and the methods of quality used globally

Bonyan’s advisory, executive and administrative body is one of the pillars of its continued success and growth

Most members are affiliated with the company since its first year
The company follows a policy based on dedication, expertise, professionalism and commitment

Its performance is based mainly on the principles of consensus, clarity and consistency of objectives

And is moving the principles of leadership itself to new generations of newly recruited employees of the company

It constantly strives to innovate and develop its capabilities to meet the new challenges and remain at the forefront, overcoming all difficulties and relying on the strength of its team.

Building a team is the core task of the company as it seeks to develop all human resources internally, and enhance their leadership and skills
Because the standards measured by the level of services and the level of projects are constantly changing, Al Bunyan has developed itself to keep up with these standards and continue to be a comprehensive company with proven experience and long-term success, with high ambition to grow and develop and meet all customer needs.